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I LOVE this place! I’m kind of a gym rat, so it takes a lot to impress me in terms of new classes. Let me tell you, those btone Customized Reformers are NOT a joke. Neither is Jody, the studio owner/head teacher. I was lucky enough to be able to attend the free classes that Lululemon promoted in January, and got such a great burn/workout, that I had to buy a 10-pack.

Studio is clean, class is FANTASTIC. Only 11 machines, so reserving your spot at peak times is important (cancellation policy with such a small capacity is more than fair at 8 hours). I’ve been on Pilates reformers, Cadillacs, taken every Lotte Berk iteration on the planet, and this class had my legs shaking like a newborn deer.

Class is adjustable based on your level (adding/taking away springs), so beginners and more advanced practitioners can co-exist in harmony — you really can’t lose! :). Would definitely recommend giving it a whirl to anyone (especially anyone who may be in a fitness rut looking for something new and different but still kickass).


Taking my first class was an immediate attraction/addiction. I have never done a workout in 45 minutes that immediately left me feeling muscles I was not sure existed and had me feeling those muscles days later. After my first class I went home, logged on, and immediately bought package deals and started hitting BTONE a couple times a week. I love that each teacher brings a unique (and slightly painful) twist to their classes and that despite the fact you always use the same machine each workout is very different. (Ironically as I write this my glutes are KILLING me from class.) When Jody offered the summer challenge I decided to take her up on the offer…three times a week for three months, couldn’t be that bad right? And eventually my hope was it would get easier. After many months at BTONE one thing is for sure, it is still not easy and I still feel the burn!! (and coincidentally hear Jody’s voice taunting…pulse, pulse, pulse.) Since I started I am down fifteen pounds and many inches, my clothes fit better and I feel more energetic and stronger. BTF has been my greatest addiction yet!! I highly recommend anyone to try it and would be shocked if people do not feel the burn and love it!


I bought a deal off LivingSocial for 5 classes and figured I would add this to my workout routine for a few weeks and try out something new. This workout kicked my butt and it was only 45 minutes! I was surprised and hooked instantly! I have taken classes with three different instructors and they all provided workouts that make me want to continue coming back for more. Classes are small, the machines are great, and the instructors are fantastic! Each class is different so it’s not boring and you work hard in those 45 minutes. Everyone is really friendly and helpful and I will definitely be purchasing more classes so this workout can stay in my routine! First class is only $5 so, even though the classes after that first one seem a bit pricey, they are completely worth it!


Sometime back in December, I purchased a Groupon deal to btone Fitness in Lexington, MA. I was eager to add in a new and different component to my workout regimen. A couple of years ago, I hit a high weight of 140 and was not pleased with this. Being 4’10″, 140 lbs is severely overweight. I was able to come down to 130 lbs with dull and dreaded gym visits with standard cardio and weight lifting and altered my diet to high fiber and low calorie foods. Still, I could not get past 130 lbs for the life of me! I hit a plateau. Simultaneously, I was struggling with landing a job in a downturn economy, struggling with hitting my goal weight of 115 lbs and ultimately, struggling with depression. I attended the Monday night class in Lexington for 8 weeks (I purchased an 8 class package via Groupon) and immediately saw results in my body. I was seeing my body transform before my eyes…more muscle definition and a leaner waistline. I was pretty bummed that the pilates classes I so looked forward to attending every Monday night was coming to an end when I saw a Living Social deal at their sister studio, BTone. Without hesitation, I purchased the 5 class pack and just finished that set of classes last Monday. Kristin at BTone is a godsend. She is tough and adds a great variety each week. Going once a week, I saw even more dramatic results! With the help of pilates at btone Fitness in Lexington and Back Bay, I am finally down to 118 lbs and 3 dress sizes! I have more energy, more muscle and am overall a much happier person. I finally landed my dream job and can finally afford to prolong my love affair with pilates SPX! Thank you to all of the instructors! You have seriously changed my world! I am in the best shape of my entire life. When my family and friends comment on my recent weight loss, I give btone Lexington and Back Bay major props and strongly encourage them to check out a class and promise they will immediately become hooked!


Growing up I was constantly involved in competitive team sports, mainly involving running and sprinting. I continued on throughout college and thought in order to get a solid workout, I had to spend hours sweating away on a treadmill, doing cardio classes, or following a specific lifting routine that I would eventually tire of in just a month. Like so many, I wanted to see the results, as well as enjoy the precious free time I had while working out. I had tried pilates DVDs as well as mat pilates at my gym, and though I noticed a difference initially, my body soon became accustomed to the workouts as they became easier. I decided to try SPX after reading about the machines and the results they promised.

The first class was difficult and though I was sore the next day, I had never experienced such a full-body workout, let alone in just 45 minutes! After taking just 3 classes my boyfriend had already noticed the difference and I could feel myself becoming stronger throughout my body. Though I was used to keeping up with others during classes or competing in a sport, this was the first class that truly taught me how to compete with and challenge myself to work harder every class. After a month I had dropped 1 size and just 3 months later I am down almost 3 sizes and far more toned at 33 than I have ever been at a younger age. In addition to molding my body into a leaner and stronger form, some of the best parts of these classes are the women I’ve gotten to know over the past few months (all loyal attendees) and the amazing instructors who support, encourage, and motivate us all through our sweat sessions. The movements are intense but short, and the results are amazing! I have been more than pleased with these classes and have finally found a workout that is changing my body in ways I have always wanted.

I encourage anyone and everyone to simply check it out. You will not only notice a difference in your body, but you will walk away feeling stronger and happier about your body. Too many people complain that they can’t change something, but with this class, you can change your entire shape. I am absolutely addicted, so I hope to see you there!


btone Fitness is a great studio with fantastic instructors that provide very challenging workouts! And I love it! I have only been taking classes for a little over 5 weeks (2-3/week) and can already note a huge improvement in my overall strength (upper and lower body and core). While I am a complete novice with pilates and the machines used in class, all the instructors have been very welcoming and give you just the right amount of instruction to get benefit from the workouts from the start. I had been struggling with pain in one of my knees and decided to switch from the high impact cardio classes that I have been taking for months to SPX, and I have definitely improved my fitness, trimmed up, and don’t feel pain in my knee any longer. I plan to continue with btone and can’t wait to see how I improve. A big thanks to Jody and her great staff of instructors for being so motivating even when I don’t think I can do even one more rep!


I have been attending Classes 2x a week since April. I am a mom of two boys who are now 20 and 17, and for the years I spent raising them, I wasn’t able to really keep up with my fitness as I would have liked. The things I’ve enjoyed doing in the past seem to be to hard on the old knees and hips these days. However, at 5′ 2″, we all know a little bit, is a lot for a small framed person. Anyway, I had been an athlete my whole life, except when I stalled out my own wants to raise kids. When I started in April, I was more than 10 pounds heavier than I wanted to be – and at 45+, a little discouraged with how my muscle tone had fallen by the wayside. Anyway, a long story short, I’ve lost more than 10 pounds and the tone that is back is a big improvement – all because of the great workout at btone Fitness. The different instructors change things up and complement each other to benefit the clients like no place I’ve ever seen before! I cannot thank them enough for the great re-shaping my body has had since April. It’s just great! It’s given me back so much encouragement to drive for the next level – really great results!! I feel stronger, leaner and healthier – and I can see it myself which is very encouraging! I will tell everyone I meet to sign up! btone Fitness is – just simply the best ever! No fad diets and it works – just healthy eating and great workouts!


I have done yoga for ten years and got really good at...yoga. I have been going to btone Fitness for six months, and my bike riding is faster, my stamina has increased, my strength and flexibility have improved, my back has gotten stronger, and I look better. The workout is fun, sweaty, and fast. Forty-five minutes and you’re done. It hits all the major muscle groups, every time, but is never repetitive. This is an excellent workout. It’s not pure pilates–it’s an excellent hybrid of everything you need to transform your body. Parking is easy, and the studio is well-ventilated and very clean.


I have been more than pleased with these classes and have finally found a workout that is changing my body in ways I have always wanted.

I encourage anyone and everyone to simply check it out. You will not only notice a difference in your body, but you will walk away feeling stronger and happier about your body. Too many people complain that they can’t change something, but with this class, you can change your entire shape. I am absolutely addicted, so I hope to see you there!


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