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Navigating COVID-19

Providence Updates

Updated September 2022

It's so great to see everyone!

Our community has stayed so strong during this crazy time, and we're proud to be open with your continued support. Keep scrolling for all the pertinent updates, and get ready to get your SWEAT on!

What's Different for You in Providence:

  • Masks are optional in the studio. We encourage you to do what makes you most comfortable
  • You can enter the class 10 minutes before it begins, not earlier
  • Yes, we have a new waiver to sign
  • Hand sanitizer/hand washing will be available
  • Check in remains touch free
  • In addition to our cleaning protocols, wipes and disinfecting sprays are available for extra machine wipe downs
  • Private sessions are available
  • Clients will be encouraged to reschedule their classes if they are sick or if someone in their household is sick

Towel service is suspended until further notice.

Keep ROCKING your grip socks — they're still mandatory!

So Fresh & So Clean!
What We're Doing to Keep Our Providence Studio Germ-Free:

Our Providence Staff is Amazing


  • Staff will be trained on cleaning protocols
  • Staff will not be reporting to work if sick and will follow the proper protocol given by the state and the CDC about returning to work

Whatever You Do, Keep Moving!

Private Training Available!

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