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Hey Andover,

We're Almost Here, Let's Celebrate!

Sorry, this offer has expired.

We are SO happy to be settling into our new home at 27 Main Street!

We can't wait to share our unique approach to fitness and wellness through our wildly intelligent system that builds longer, leaner muscles and a happier body in just 45 minutes!

The btone family has a reputation for being the friendliest, most effective workout in town, and we know you’re gonna love our state-of the-art, brand new arkeTONE Machine (TONEy for short) and our fun, energized, clear and modifiable instruction!

As a gift in anticipation of our long friendship to come, we are offering our very rare, only-ever-seen-a-handful-of-times-in-the-wild:

Andover Pre-Opening Special

Sorry, this offer has expired.

This elusive bird is only available before we are officially open, so do shake a tail feather and grab yours now!

Excited? Curious about the arkeTONE?

Learn more about our super-effective method and what makes us unique and (blush) kinda popular.

Meet TONEy close up!

Andover Schedule

Don't forget — we absolutely require 8-hour notice before making any kind of changes to your schedule. Think of this as a motivation policy. Each time you sign up for class you are making a commitment to your fitness, and your body will THANK YOU!

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Check out our specially-designed format to ensure a specific focus on each muscle group on each day.

Remember, this pre-opening special has a short life span.

Don’t let it wither on the vine, snag one now and experience btone for a song!

Andover Pre-Opening Special

Sorry, this offer has expired.

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Phyllis, Our Little Robot Helper, Can Answer Your Most Frequently Asked Questions Right Away

Don't worry, we've still got humans to help via email as usual. But to help you faster, Phyllis has been trained to help with dozens of common questions, and is learning new things all the time — so give her a chance to answer your question, and we'll connect you with a human if she can't help!

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