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What the FAQ?

You've got questions, we've got answers.

What is btone, and what types of classes can I take?

Our signature classes, available at all of our studio locations, are our TONE classes. During these classes we combine Strength, Endurance, Cardio, Balance, and Flexibility in not only 1 class but in EACH AND EVERY MOVE through the use of the state of the art btone Customized Machine. It combines the strengthening and toning benefits of weight training and the lengthening and postural enhancing benefits of Pilates in a circuit training sequence. Classes keep the heart rate up and burn extra calories, making it a great cardio workout as well. The routines incorporate old-school exercises such as pushups and lunges with brand new moves reserved for the btone Customized Machine. The support of the machine allows you to get an intense workout with low impact on your joints. It provides maximum results in minimal time and will be sure to leave you hopelessly addicted with its always-changing routines,fun music, and atmosphere.

Each of our locations features a different mix of classes.

How do I sign up for a class?

On the main website page you can click on "Schedule" in the top Right corner. Once there click on any of the ‘Sign Up’ tabs next to your class of choice. On these pages you can see the schedule and pay for classes for your home studio: Back Bay, Lexington, North End, Sudbury, or Wellesley. You can create a profile, pay and sign up for classes. Please be sure to Opt In to our emails when you create a profile so that we can notify you of important information. It is recommended to register for classes online so that you can be sure to have a spot in class. Signing up for class guarantees you will have a btone Customized Resistance Machine to work out on. (This is also why there is a strict cancellation policy.) Check the schedule frequently as classes are subject to change. The system will email you to confirm your reservation (you must opt in for our emails when you create a profile). You can also check your schedule by going to 'my info' then 'my schedule' in your profile page. If you need to cancel a class that is where you want to do it.

How do I cancel a class?

You can check your schedule or CANCEL a class by choosing "View My Account" at the top of the website. You will then login and choose "Schedule", and from there you can cancel your class. You can also do this from the btone app. All cancellations must be made within 8 hours of the class.

What if I can't come to class, or I want to change class times within an 8 hour period? Will I be charged?

Yes, even if it’s your first time. We absolutely require 8-hour notice before making any kind of changes to your schedule. The same rules apply even if you are making a change to your class time. If you do not cancel in time you will lose that class, if you are an unlimited monthly client, we will charge an additional $15 each time you cancel or reschedule a class without giving us the full 8-hour notice. We want to be sure all of our clients have an equal opportunity to enjoy these classes. Even if you cancel right before the class it gives others a chance to sign up and gives you a chance of not losing your class if it fills back up! There are no exceptions, so please don’t ask. Phone calls and emails are not an acceptable form of canceling you must sign into your profile to do so. Because of the limited number of spaces in each class, we need to be sure that if you have signed up for a spot, you will show up for the class. Also please do not sign up for class at one time and show up at another, you will be charged for both if you did not cancel in time. Think of this as a motivation policy. Each time you sign up for class you are making a commitment to your fitness, and your body will THANK YOU!

How does the wait list work?

If a class is full, you may still sign up for the class. You click register/sign in and it will ask you if you want to join the wait list. If someone cancels BEFORE the 8 hour cancellation time, then the system will automatically put you into the class. You must check your profile 8 hours before the scheduled class ("view my account"). If you see the class on your schedule it means you are IN, even if it says 'unconfirmed' you are IN. This means that if you made another back up reservation, you must cancel it ASAP so that you do not get into multiple classes on the same day. If you make multiple waitlist appointments please keep track of what class you get into. You can get put into multiple classes in one day if you do not cancel classes. As soon as you get in one class you should remove yourself from the others.

If you need to cancel a class you are on the waitlist for, log into your profile, go to 'my schedule' and the class will show up, simply hit cancel and you are good to go. Rule of thumb, if it comes up on your schedule, then you are IN and therefore subject to the same cancellation policy as a regularly scheduled class. Since we now have an 8 hour cancellation policy instead of 12 hours, there is a chance that you could get into an early morning (6 or 7am) around 10 or 11. If you do not plan on checking your schedule early in the morning or checking your email, you must remove yourself from the waitlist before you go to bed. If you get into the class, you are responsible for that class. The system will never put you in last minute so be sure to properly plan so you do not lose any classes or incur a charge.

I have never done this. Can I do the classes or should I do Private Sessions first?

It depends on your current fitness level. Most of our new students do just fine in the class. The workout is intense, but the routine is kept simple to make sure everyone is using good form. Each move can be modified to make it either harder or easier for the client, making it simple for individuals of all levels to participate in the same class. However, if you have chronic back pain, painful joints or a severe medical condition, it is recommended that you take a private session first to assess your fitness level. Please contact the studio first so that an instructor can help assess if a private session is is needed.

What should I expect at btone?

Each btone FITNESS location has 10-14 btone Customized machines (this is why it is so important to register ahead of time so that you are sure to have a machine to use). Arrive a few minutes early (we will give you a quick intro to the machine which is important to keep the class moving smoothly as well as for safety). You will participate in class without your shoes so please leave those by the door when you come in. Each core and upper body exercise is one minute long and lower body exercises are two minutes long. The class is 45 minutes so typically there is anywhere from 25-35 different exercises done during a class. The instructor will guide you through the class as you move through each exercise together as a group. We work to the point of muscle fatigue, working on one muscle group at a time and stay there until that muscle is exhausted. This is an efficient way to build long lean muscle and to burn fat. At the end of the class you have some time to stretch and then are given a wipe to clean your machine.

Do I need to arrive early for my first class?

Yes, please arrive at least five minutes before class to ask any additional questions and fill out the necessary paperwork. If you show up after class has begun you will lose that class. It is imperative that we give you an introduction to the btone Customized machine. Once class starts we do not stop so you must arrive early to receive this instruction so that class can run as smoothly as possible.

How often should I come to btone?

The workout is designed to work your body to muscle fatigue at which point you need to rest. Depending on your fitness level and the intensity of your workout, you will need more or less time to recover. Most of our clients come 2 to 3 times a week which allows the body to properly recover and repair. As you get stronger you will be able to handle more visits, some students love the workout so much that they come 5 or 6 times a week. You can also mix in some of our cardio classes to break things up a bit for the best results. In order to get the best results it is important to listen to your body. You want to get the most out of your time with us and that means working to intensity. If your muscles are too sore/tired to do so, then give your body a rest, it will thank you!

What is the best method of contacting someone at the studio if I have a question?

Instructors are unable to take calls or questions during classes and messages are only checked one time per day. For a faster response, simply e-mail us at We recommend that all of our clients become familiar with our automated booking system. It is the easiest, fastest, and most accurate way to book classes.

May I bring my children or pets to class if they sit quietly while I work out?

Honestly, we would love to meet your little ones, but due to safety and insurance concerns we cannot allow children to stay in the studio while class is in session. It is not safe to have little hands near the machines or to have other clients distracted while they are in poses that require concentration and balance. Same goes for all of your furry friends. You will be asked to leave and you will lose that class. The only time children are allowed in the studio is when daycare is provided. We offer daycare at the Wellesley and North End locations. Please refer to the schedule for childcare times.

Is there a shower?

Back Bay has one shower available for use. Please bring a towel and your own toiletries. There may be a wait since there is only one shower. We ask that you please try to keep your showers to under 5 minutes and alert the instructor so that they know you are back there, especially if it is after one of our last classes. We have a hairdryer available at the studio. North End has multiple showers in both the Men's & Women's Locker rooms. Please bring your own towel and toiletries.

Can I take classes at all of your locations?

Of course you can, but you will need a separate MINDBODY profile and a separate class package purchased at each studio's location. Classes are not transferrable between multiple locations, and are good ONLY for the location you purchased them through. btoners who hop around just have multiple packages so they can get their TONE on wherever is convenient. If you plan to go to both the North End and Back Bay locations, you can hop around and use one login/profile to register for classes.

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