heart of Boston fitness studio

Slow Movements, Fast Results.

Sick of the same old boring workout routines? With the jamming beats, fun atmosphere and illustrious instructors, you'll be hopelessly addicted by the end of your first class.

Sound too good to be true? Come try out your first class, and find out what combining strength, endurance, cardio, balance and flexibility into every move can do for your body. Or read what our members have to say.

heart of Boston fitness studio

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heart of Boston fitness studio

People really dig us.

As much as we like talking about ourselves, we think our members say it best.

Best Workout Ever! It's smart, intense and results oriented. Very challenging, but so worth it!
You won't regret it. Staff is great with newbies and fitness people alike.
This is not your usual pilates class so BE PREPARED.
These machines are custom made and will ROCK you down.


LOVE LOVE LOVE this new studio! I am always so sore after class. I really feel that these classes have helped me build strength and flexibility. I work as a personal trainer and I want all of my clients to go to this studio. I have some hip issues and the classes have helped with that and I know my obliques and core are stronger thanks to the staff.


Amazing studio! The classes are quick, brutal, intense, and fun. It’s great to mix it up and go to different instructors because they all have a little different style! The place is kept super clean which is always a big plus. The location couldn’t be better either. I always love grabbing a coffee with my girls after class or just taking a stroll through town.


btone Fitness will kick your body into shape!
Don’t be fooled by thinking it’s just pilates and is just for women. These classes KILL your core and you will be in pain – and this is a good thing. After a few classes, you’ll feel stronger, leaner and a healthier version of yourself. I’ve done their boot camp classes as well as their pilates classes. LOVE THEM ALL! Instructors take the time to show you how to correctly do the moves and improve your workout. I won’t lie and say this is easy. This is hard, but definitely worth every cent. Thanks btone!!


This studio is amazing! I tried everything to lose the baby belly after my first child, and nothing worked...until btone! The classes are incredibly challenging, and really get to your core like no other workout (and I’ve been a runner and yoga enthusiast for years!). The teachers are excellent, the workout is efficient, and there are tons of options for classes. They are also adding Barre workouts this fall, so there will be even more ways to get fit. I’m due with my next child in November and am counting on btone to whip me back into shape after this one!


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