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500 S Water Street

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Providence Schedule

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Don't forget — we absolutely require 8-hour notice before making any kind of changes to your schedule. Think of this as a motivation policy. Each time you sign up for class you are making a commitment to your fitness, and your body will THANK YOU!

Childcare Provided

We provide childcare during some of our Providence classes

Best Workout Ever!

It’s smart, intense and results oriented. Very challenging, but so worth it! You won’t regret it. Staff is great with newbies and fitness people alike. This is not your usual pilates class so BE PREPARED.

These machines are custom made and will ROCK you down.


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TONE it Up!

New to btone?

Not only are btone classes the most efficient workout you'll ever experience, they're affordable too.

2 Weeks Unlimited



2 Weeks Unlimited


  • Covers 14 consecutive days (Come when it works for you)
  • Most come 2-4X a week
  • 1 class/day
  • Late cancel: $15 fee
  • No show: $20 fee
  • NEW clients ONLY

btone Providence is Coming Soon.

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Meet the Providence Instructors!

Alaa E.
Isabella C.
Jess C.
Kelsey I.
Maddy C.
Madison C.
Marina D.
Morgan L.
Stacey T
Zac B.

I have been more than pleased with these classes and have finally found a workout that is changing my body in ways I have always wanted.

I encourage anyone and everyone to simply check it out.

You will not only notice a difference in your body, but you will walk away feeling stronger and happier about your body. Too many people complain that they can’t change something, but with this class, you can change your entire shape. I am absolutely addicted, so I hope to see you there!

- Kelly

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