Monthly Workout Calendars

Create a stronger more TONEd body, one month at a time!

We've designed our class calendar so your instructor will deliver a specific focus of muscle groups for each day.

We ensure you won't overload one muscle group, and that you'll get a well-rounded workout routine throughout each week and month. This will make your time with us even more effective.

Each month's schedule is available here a month in advance, with each class broken down into either Lower Body & Upper Body, or Core & Upper Body.

If you come on a Leg day, this does not mean you will only do legs, it just means that day's focus is on a particular muscle group or exercise.

The same goes for Core/Upper Body days. As instructors, these routines give us a more specialized way of delivering the best class with even better results, and you refined attention to your muscles.

February Workout Schedule

March Workout Schedule

We Take It Another Step From There.

Since the majority of clients are coming 2-4 times per week, we've worked to make our schedule as effective as possible, no matter when you like to come to class.

This results in more benefits, more results, and full-body muscle tone. We've configured the schedule to rotate muscle group focus, so even if you come on the same days each week, you'll get a well-rounded distribution of muscle groups over time.

Your instructors will deliver this prescribed calendar with their own special twist, but just have faith knowing that we've got your backs (and your fronts and your obliques...)

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