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Word is getting out...btone is the place to go for fun and effective workouts.

“Because you always have some part of your body on the carriage, which is on wheels and in motion, you always have to stabilize your core,”
says Jody Merrill, trainer and founder of Boston-based btone FITNESS.

Featured in Women's Health Online Magazine

btone Fitness is a great studio with fantastic instructors that provide very challenging workouts! And I love it! I have only been taking classes for a little over 5 weeks (2-3/week) and can already note a huge improvement in my overall strength (upper and lower body and core). While I am a complete novice with btone reformer machines used in class, all the instructors have been very welcoming and give you just the right amount of instruction to get benefit from the workouts from the start. I have definitely improved my fitness, trimmed up, and don’t feel pain in my knee any longer.

I plan to continue with btone and can’t wait to see how I improve.


I have done yoga for ten years and got really good

I have been going to btone FITNESS for six months, and my bike riding is faster, my stamina has increased, my strength and flexibility have improved, my back has gotten stronger, and I look better.

The workout is fun, sweaty, and fast. Forty-five minutes and you’re done. It hits all the major muscle groups, every time, but is never repetitive.

This is an excellent workout. It’s an amazing hybrid of everything you need to transform your body.


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