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Waltham 708 Main Street


COVID Precautions

As we head back into the studio, we have your health and safety in mind.

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Waltham — Today & Tomorrow

Don't forget — we absolutely require 8-hour notice before making any kind of changes to your schedule. Think of this as a motivation policy. Each time you sign up for class you are making a commitment to your fitness, and your body will THANK YOU!

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Check out our specially-designed format to ensure a specific focus on each muscle group on each day.

Childcare is Suspended During COVID-19 Precautions

We'll update you when we're able to reopen childcare in the studio.

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The Gift of Fitness!

Any denomination — get a friend or family member onto the btone Customized Machine next to yours!

Hassle-Free Auto-Renewing Memberships

No Commitments. No Weird Fees.
Cancel Any Time. No .


Come 1x/Week

4 classes in 30 days


  • 10% off retail
  • 30 days
  • Late cancels/no shows forfeit class
Most Popular

Come 2x/Week

8 classes in 30 days


  • 10% off retail
  • 1 freebie late cancel every three months (must cancel before class, does not apply to no shows)
  • 1 freebie guest pass every three months (they do not accrue, for nonmembers)
  • 30 days
  • Late cancels/no shows forfeit class
Best Deal

Come 3x/Week

12 classes in 30 days


  • 10% off retail
  • 1 freebie late cancel/month (must cancel before class, does not apply to no shows)
  • 1 freebie guest pass/month (they do not accrue, for nonmembers)
  • 30 days
  • Late cancels/no shows forfeit class
For True TONErs


1 class/day for 30 days


  • 10% off retail
  • 2 freebie late cancels/month
  • 2 free guest passes/month (they do not accrue, for nonmembers)
  • 30 days
  • Late cancels $5 fee
  • No shows $10 fee

PLEASE NOTE: once you've scheduled your first class, if you then try to schedule something BEFORE that date, the system will not recognize your pass. No problem though, just cancel any upcoming classes and rebook beginning with the first class you intend to take.

Class Drop In Packages

10 Classes
$25/class; 6 month expiration
5 Classes
$27/class; 3 month expiration
Single Class Drop In
3 month expiration

Private Training

We offer private training when we do not have classes scheduled. Please contact the studio to schedule an appointment.

One-on-One Session
Single One-on-One Session (45 min)
Duet Session
$60/person for single Duet Session (45 min); Must provide the 2nd person

Ask in the studio about our student/teacher discounts!

Best Workout Ever! It’s smart, intense and results oriented. Very challenging, but so worth it! You won’t regret it. Staff is great with newbies and fitness people alike. This is not your usual pilates class so BE PREPARED.

These machines are custom made and will ROCK you down.


I have been more than pleased with these classes and have finally found a workout that is changing my body in ways I have always wanted.

I encourage anyone and everyone to simply check it out. You will not only notice a difference in your body, but you will walk away feeling stronger and happier about your body. Too many people complain that they can’t change something, but with this class, you can change your entire shape. I am absolutely addicted, so I hope to see you there!



Motivational Cancellation Policy

An 8-hour cancellation notice is required to avoid being charged for the class, no exceptions. Members who miss a class or late cancel will lose that session. This includes making class time changes. If you cannot make class please go to your profile, ‘my info’ ‘my schedule’ and click ‘cancel.’ Any questions about our policy or waitlist please see our Policies Page.

Classes with fewer than 3 people might be cancelled, and instructors are subject to change at the last minute. You will be notified via email if class is cancelled.