Meet your chariot, the arkeTONE

or TONEy, for short.

A wordly beauty, whose name has Danish and Greek roots for the words superior, and pre-eminent.

Our sweet Italian stallion is simply the most transformative, satisfying ride in town.

Beyond a sleek design, TONEy is known for being comfortable and stable providing a smooth ride that keeps you focused on your breath and form.

The arkeTONE is an elite resistance platform that allows you to safely explore a wide range of effective and results-driven exercises that will leave you sore in places you didn’t know you had.

The marriage of the btone cannon of moves executed upon TONEy is where the magic happens. And it happens fast.

Each class is just 45 minutes.

Trust us, you don't need a minute more to cultivate longer, leaner muscles.

TONEy Features

  • A long, wide platform that supports you (at any height or weight)
  • Unique hand grips that provide for easy adjustments and modifications
  • Stable design that encourages quick and steady transitions between moves
  • 7 springs for more nuanced resistance selection to serve your evolving needs
  • Secure handles for a diverse and challenging range of moves
  • State-of-the-art custom engineering,
    built exclusively for btone's signature workouts
  • Results, results, results for days!

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So what's TONEy's sexiest attribute?

Glad you asked. It’s that comfortable chassis.

TONEy's platform is undeniably refined. While you might not notice, every detail was mulled over, tested and debated until we ended up with a super nimble, adjustable, and versatile platform that gives you:

  • Multiple hand placements: wide and narrow, palms facing body or one another
  • An ultra-luxe padded cushion for a comfortable ride, especially in plank
  • Supports modifiable body angles, to help you navigate your injuries and energy level

When I first saw pics of TONEy I was nervous that I was too tall/heavy to feel stable on the machine.

Once I got on TONEy, I immediately chilled out, it is super-sturdy and very smooth. I felt totally confident with all of the moves, even at 5’10” and sporting a plus-sized, not-20-year-old body.

TONEy really is for every body. I even kept at it during my pregnancy, modifications are always available!

– Kate F

TONEy is a beautiful beast, and we are thrilled for you to take a ride, and change the entire way you think about training.

No matter your age, injury, size or mood — TONEy is a broad chest to sweat on, your steady and reliable friend.

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Start seeing real results with slow, smart movements.

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