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So what is btone FITNESS?

btone doesn't fit into any singular group-x description, it is truly a new category of exercise: and one that was formed out of an urgent need for an intelligent and sustainable approach to fitness that wouldn’t eat up 2 hours of your day, and that delivers real results, without destroying your cartilage.

Built around state-of-the-art equipment, our custom-engineered btone FITNESS arkeTONE, which we call TONEy for short, delivers an efficient, modifiable, comfortable, and challenging experience that you'll feel for days after your workout...

No matter your current fitness level, age, size, or mood, btone is customizable, lighting fast, and wildly effective.

Best Workout Ever! It’s smart, intense and results oriented. Very challenging, but so worth it! You won’t regret it. Staff is great with newbies and fitness people alike. This is not your usual group fitness class so BE PREPARED.

These machines are custom made and will ROCK you down.


btone's Signature TONE Class

Through a unique series of zero-impact, joint loving exercises, this 45-minute class hits every muscle in your body using our custom-crafted state of the art ArkeTONE Machine, a comfortable platform with a set of 7 springs that provide a gliding resistance experience that is 100% customizable leaving you just-the-right-amount of sore. No two classes are ever the same, and all of our expert instructors are ready to give you modifications so your TONE fits you to a T.

Each session builds long, lean muscle, toning and balancing your whole body. While the movements are slow, they are challenging and create the perfect atmosphere for heart-rate driving cardio through precision low-impact, high-intensity movements. TONE is a joint-loving, muscle-shaking, engaging experience that is perfect for all levels, all ages, every body, every day.

btone bootcamp resistance fitness classes

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New Clients Only
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