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Our simple rules to keep things flowing.

Hartford Waitlist Policy

Please check your profile 8 hours before the class to see if you made it into the class. It may say 'unconfirmed' but if it shows up on your schedule you ARE IN and are expected to show up to class.

The system will only put you in automatically if it is BEFORE the 8 hour cancellation time. If it is after, just check the schedule and if a spot opens up just schedule for it. The system WILL NOT put you in after the 8 hour cancellation time.

If you are signed up for an early morning class you and you do not intend to check your profile in the early morning, you should remove yourself from the waitlist. You can do that by going to the Mariana Tek link at the bottom of our schedule page.

How the Hartford Waitlist Works

If a class is full, you may still sign up for the class. You click register/sign in and it will ask you if you want to join the waitlist.

If someone cancels BEFORE the 8 hour cancellation time, then the system will automatically put you into the class. You must check your profile 8 hours before the scheduled class.

If you see the class on your schedule it means you are IN, even if it says "unconfirmed" — you are IN. This means that if you made another backup reservation, you must cancel it ASAP so that you do not get into multiple classes on the same day. As soon as you get in one class you should remove yourself from the other you may be signed up for.

Removing Yourself from the Hartford Waitlist

If you need to cancel a class you are on the waitlist for, log into your profile, go to "my schedule" and the class will show up, simply hit cancel, and you are good to go.

RULE OF THUMB: If it comes up on your schedule, then you are IN and therefore subject to the same cancellation policy as a regularly scheduled class. Since we have an 8 hour cancellation policy, there is a chance that you could get into an early morning (6 or 7am) around 10pm or 11pm.

If you do not plan on checking your schedule early in the morning or checking your email, you must remove yourself from the waitlist before you go to bed. If you get into the class, you are responsible for that class. The system will never put you in last minute so be sure to properly plan so you do not lose any classes or incur a charge.

How will I know if I made it off the Hartford Waitlist?

If you receive our automated emails, you will be notified via email.

We encourage you to check your profiles on our website, our app, or using the Mariana Tek link on our Schedule Page.

Waitlist Length & Position

There are up to 4 people on a waitlist.

To see your spot on the waitlist you will need to log onto our mobile app. You can also access the desktop link by going to our Schedule Page, scrolling down, and clicking the Mariana Tek link.

Hartford Cancellation Policy

The main thing is you must cancel at least 8 hours before class to avoid possible penalties.

If you cancel at least 8 hours before class, then you're all set!

Late Cancelling Less than 8 Hours Before Class

If you late cancel less than 8 hours before class, we'll do our best to fill your space back up.

IF you late cancel and we CAN'T find someone to take your spot, you are only charged money if you are on an unlimited package. Otherwise you just forfeit your class.

Cancellation Exceptions

You must cancel your class online. We understand that things come up, but if you do not cancel your class at all, you will not receive that class back.

Accidental Cancellation

If there was a waitlist and you cancelled (even if by accident) the first person on the waitlist will automatically be placed into the class. You will need to reschedule for another class or join the waitlist. If the class was not full, just reschedule again through your profile.

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