Slow Movements, Fast Results

A Genius Hybrid of Resistance Training, Yoga & Pilates

The method is simple: do the most good, in the fastest amount of time.

There's yoga, Pilates, barre, bootcamps. There is no shortage of fun, sweaty group x classes out there, but there is a shortage.

There's a shortage of fitness modalities that won't bore you or eat up your whole day. There's a shortage of modifiable methods. There's a shortage of intelligence and fun in your workouts and there's a serious deficit in results.

The Future is Here.

Whole body. Core centric. No impact.

The most efficient workout near you. Get energized, empowered, and a little shaky. "Slow Movements, Fast Results" isn't just a catchphrase, it's our ethos.

So what is btone FITNESS?

btone doesn't fit neatly into any category. It is not Pilates, or barre or yoga or TRX...btone is its own wild genus of exercise: and one that was formed out of a deep, universal need for an intelligent, sustainable approach to fitness that delivers real results, in THIS lifetime.

Whether you're 19 or 91, the need for a workout that spares the joints, and transforms the body is the holy grail.

btone Fitness was created and developed by Founder Jody Merrill, our trailblazing entrepreneur and fearless leader.

btone is built around state-of-the-art equipment. Our custom-engineered btone FITNESS arkeTONE, which we call TONEy for short, delivers a challenging, completely adjustable, and endlessly engaging experience that you'll feel for days after the workout...

And that's the point, and the Method.

The science behind the post-class shakes

Cultivating micro-tears in the deepest layer of muscles helps you grow non-bulky lean muscle mass, and a longer, leaner form — all while sparing your joints and your sanity.

That shake-tremble, subtle-soreness you'll feel after class is proof that you're getting stronger, more resilient, and fitter — faster.

TONEy is a beast, and a beauty.
(And a real dick.)


As much challenge as you need, and as much compassion as you need, the btone approach adapts to your exact needs as they evolve day to day and year to year. TONEy adapts to your escalating fitness level and challenges you more. TONEy also nimbly adjusts to navigate life phases, ageing, injuries, and days when you just need to Tone. It. Down.

btone is a tall drink of everything — a dash of yoga, a sprinkle of Pilates, and a sprig of CrossFit. Like your hipster cocktail, but without any crazy jumping around or hangover, and much smarter and kinder.

- Kate

No matter how frequently you come, with our custom-curated workout routines, you'll get a whole-body, core-centric experience that leaves you stronger, and with more energy to live your happiest, healthiest life outside the studio.

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Start seeing real results with slow, smart movements.

I have never done a workout in 45 minutes that immediately left me feeling muscles I was not sure existed. btone FITNESS has been my greatest addiction yet!!

- Joanne

Come exactly as you are

One size does NOT fit all. Modifications aren't a luxury, they are your constitutional right when you walk through our doors.

Good training is custom tailored to you

Injured, out of shape, awkward, former professional athlete, bunjee-jumping hawk-handler; we tend to every body in the room with compassion and skill.

As a busy 45+ mother of two, I was carrying around more weight than I wanted, and over the years had lost a lot of muscle tone.

I feel stronger, leaner and healthier — and I can see it myself, I've even lost more than 10 pounds, which is very encouraging! I tell everyone I meet to sign up! btone FITNESS is simply the best ever!

- Julianne

For many, btone is equivalent to 75-minute personal training sessions (except we don't take so long)

And for some it can support and supplement injury rehabilitation and physical therapy.

So who is btone for?

  • Runners love us for lengthening, toning, and core strength, improving their gait and overall fitness
  • Yogis love us because we hit muscles that aren't often recruited in asana
  • Boutique fitness buffs love us cause we're super unique, and you can't do this at home
  • Athletes love us because we enhance overall performance. Period. No drugs needed.
  • Humans love us cause we’re quick. Yep just 45 minutes. (We know you've got shit to do.)

btone is 45 minutes of focus, and intensity that gets you sweaty and shaking and leaves you better able to move through your life with energy, confidence balance, and ease.

We're so excited to meet you!

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Get your sweat on in one of our convenient studio locations!
Start seeing real results with slow, smart movements.

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Experience TONE, btone's Signature Full-Body Training Experience

Through a unique series of complementary exercises, this 45-minute class hits every muscle in your body using our custom-crafted state of the art arkeTONE Machine. The arkeTONE is a comfortable, stable platform with a set of 7 springs that provide you a smooth, gliding resistance experience that is 100% customizable. From move to move, you have the ability to tailor and adjust the springs' resistance, and body positioning, making each exercise comfortable and effective for your unique needs on that day. As you get stronger, the machine adapts and continues to challenge you.

Each session builds long, lean muscle mass, toning and balancing your whole body. While the movements are slow, they are challenging and create the perfect atmosphere for zero-impact, heart-rate driving cardio while you build muscle; quite simply, this is a wildly efficient 45 minutes! Through precision low-impact, high-intensity movements, we custom craft a joint-loving, muscle-shaking, engaging experience that leaves you just-the-right-amount of sore. No two classes are ever the same, and all of our expert instructors are ready to give you modifications so your TONE fits you to a T.

All levels welcome, all ages, every body, every day.

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Get your sweat on in one of our convenient studio locations!
Start seeing real results with slow, smart movements.

I encourage anyone and everyone to simply check btone FITNESS out.

You will not only notice a difference in your body, but you will walk away feeling stronger and happier about your body. Too many people complain that they can’t change something, but with this class, you can change your entire shape. I am absolutely addicted, so I hope to see you there!